Crea S.r.l.

We shape your idea of plastic

Bio Polymers

For the production of ECO-Friendly items

From design to construction moulds

With professionalism and accuracy

Continuous innovation

and special attention to new technologies

Injection moulding

from traditional plastic polymers to high-tech materials

Metal replacement

from metal to technopolymer engineering

Reinforced engineering plastics

high performance - technical standards - cost saving

Victrex® peek

one of the world’s highest performing polymers

Fluorinated polymers

for high-tech applications

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Crea s.r.l.

We specialise in the design, mould construction, moulding, and assembly of thermoplastic and technical polymer items. Crea srl doesn’t miss a step in item creation.


We manufacture a wide range of products, from small and light items to considerably larger ones, plastic components, where technical and mechanical features are important, and other items for daily use, where appearance and surface accuracy are essential.


Semi-finished products to be further processed, components of more complex items, or finished products. In other words, whatever can be obtained through injection moulding. This is why our field of interest is so wide: childcare products, mechanical products, hydraulic and heating systems, chemical industry (using PVDF, ECTFE, PFA fluorinated polymers), aeronautics (VICTREX PEEK) and many others.


Co-design – Metal replacement – Steel mould construction – Injection moulding of engineering plastics and reinforced engineering plastics.


The mould is guaranteed for life – technical support is provided from the design phase to the finished product.

Our production process


Mould construction