ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark

IXEF® Para (polyarylamide)

Solvay IXEF® PARA, polyarylamide (semi-crystalline aromatic polyamide) is a thermoplastic product reinforced by glass fibres and/or mineral fillers. IXEF® Solvay compounds have even higher tensile breaking strength than many metals at room temperature.

Benefits of IXEF® PARA Solvay:

  • resistance to a great number of chemicals (solvents, oils, hydrocarbons, etc.);
  • high rigidity;
  • strong resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high deformation resistance;
  • excellent surface finish;
  • good dimensional stability, which allows for compliance with minimum tolerances also thanks to its low;
  • moulding shrinkage ratio;
  • less sensitive to humidity than PA6 or PA66 (Polyamides 6 and 66).


Automotive and transport industries
petrol pumps, parts of the clutch, windscreen wiper controls, oil filter housing, door handles, etc.

safety switches, telecommunication switches, etc.

Household appliances
parts for irons and vacuum cleaners, electric shaver heads, etc.
leisure applications, furniture, tool machines, and surgical instruments.

Suitable for Metal Replacement

Thanks to its high performance and resistance/weight ratio, IXEF® PARA can replace metal.

IXEF® PARA is a SOLVAY brand.