Mould Manufacturing
ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark

Mould manufacturing

Mould manufacturing workshop

The mould manufacturing workshop, which links the design and production departments, consists of CNC machining centers, wire erosion machines, and standard mould tooling machines.

The CAM software (used to calculate the tool paths of the steel mould processing) combined with the expertise of the staff members, who are constantly trained and updated, allow for state-of-the-art, accurate and fast mould production as required by the market.

Mould manufacturing for plastic materials is considered art because every workpiece is different and the operator can turn it into a masterpiece or a failure.

Your mould guaranteed for life

We guarantee our moulds for life without any additional cost. We perform routine maintenance required after small faults or wear at our mould manufacturing workshop free of charge to ensure a consistent functional mould.

Our machinery:


2 Die-sinking EDM machines
1 rectifier
6 CNC Machining centers (of which one is a 5-axis)
1 parallel lathe


1 hacksaw
5 sharpening grinders
1 sand blaster
1 precision cutting and grinding machine

1 pre-setting
1 radial drill
2 drill presses

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