ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark

Nylon / polyamide

Nylon include all polyamide polymers. Nylon has a high water absorption power, which results in dimensional changes of the pieces, decrease in rigidity and high impact resistance.

Its versatility and high physical and mechanical properties allow the moulding of these polyamides on a large scale.

We at Crea, besides pure nylons such as PA6, PA66, and PA46, mould also compounds with the addition of:
– glass fibre: to improve dimensional stability, rigidity, and mechanical resistance and increase resistance to temperature and wear. Moreover, the presence of glass fibre limits water absorption and provides a good UV stability.
– molybdenum disulphide (MOS2): to improve rigidity, hardness and dimensional stability, resistance to abrasion and temperature. Molybdenum disulphide allows excellent sliding, wear resistant, and self-lubricating properties. This additive is often used for plastic materials that slide on metal.

PA6 or NYLON 6

It is obtained by polycondensation of caprolactam. It melts at +228 °C and is structurally efficient as PA66 but it absorbs humidity faster and loses resistance when temperature and humidity increase. PA6 products can be welded, glued, and processed mechanically. Tight tolerance is difficult to maintain with this material due to its high water absorption power.

Benefits prvided by PA6:

  • It is available in versions and in a wide range of molecular weight;
  • good electric insulation properties;
  • good chemical resistance;
  • good mechanical properties and impact strength;
  • excellent value for money;
  • easy processing.

PA66 or NYLON 66 (PA6.6)

It is one of the most common polyamides on the market. PA66 is mainly crystalline, white, hard, translucent, and melts at +269 °C.

Benefits provided by PA66:

  • It is resistant to high temperatures and absorbs more than 2% of water from the air under standard conditions. This results in increased impact and flexural strength in humid environments.
  • Compared to PA6, it has better mechanical features, creep, rigidity, heat and wear resistance, but less impact strength.

PA46 or NYLON 46 (PA4.6)

This polyamide resists to high temperatures, it is easy to mould but it has high humidity absorption power. Compared to PA6 and PA66, it has a higher melting temperature and crystallinity and faster crystallisation. PA46 is commonly used for media components and in the electric motor protection devices.

Benefits provided by PA46:

  • easy processing, which allows reduced cycle times;
  • greater design freedom thanks to good moulding smoothness;
  • resistant to high temperatures (up to +240/250 °C);
  • good mechanical properties;
  • high rigidity;
  • wear and abrasion resistant;
  • excellent deformation resistance under load.