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plastic injection moulding

The product is actually created in the plastic material injection moulding department. Our machinery consists of a series of horizontal injection presses weighing between 50 and 700 tons, traditional hydraulic machines, the latest electric machines, all in a network to allow for better control of the plastic material moulding process. Our in-house mould construction workshop ensures quick routine and special maintenance.

Technical polymer injection moulding: nylon and much more

We stand out for our capability to mould traditional plastic polymers, highly technological plastic materials and those more complicated to manage during the injection moulding phase, such as Victrex® PEEK, IXEF Para®, PPS, PVDF, PFA. The latter require customised moulds to be mounted on equally customised presses for moulding technical plastic materials.

Moulding reinforced plastic and metal replacement

Our plastic material moulding department uses a high percentage of reinforced engineering plastics. The initial raw material can be of any type, from polyamides and polyolefins to those more technical like Victrex® PEEK and fluorinated polymers. These are then added with different fillers, such as glass fibre, carbon fibre, talc, etc. to improve some technical features and obtain suitable products for specific applications.
These reinforced engineering plastics are often used for metal replacement, i.e. for creating plastic pieces from metal ones. By adjusting some process parameters and the mould design, we are able to replace metal with engineering plastic.
Plastic materials have demonstrated, over the years, that they are particularly suitable for replacing metals, as they guarantee excellent dimensional stability, chemical, impact, and vibration resistance, as well as a pleasant appearance. Besides meeting technical requirements, these materials are significantly affordable in large-scale productions.

Put your idea in our hands, and we will put the finished product in yours

Besides plastic moulding, Crea s.r.l. specialises in the production of small and large batches of finished products. Tumbling, shot peening, assembly and packaging can complete the process upon request, meeting the client’s delivery requirements.



N°1 50-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 62-ton injection moulding machine
N° 3 75-ton injection moulding machines
N° 1 80-ton injection moulding machine
N° 2 120-ton injection moulding machines
N° 1 125-ton injection moulding machine
N° 2 160-ton injection moulding machines
N° 1 180-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 210-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 250-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 300-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 400-ton injection moulding machine
N° 1 700-ton injection moulding machine

various shredders
raw material ovens
dosamaster machinery
various temperature control units
various robots
conveyor belts


tumbling machine
assembly machines
shot peening machine for plastic materials
counting scales

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