About us
ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark


About us

Crea s.r.l. specialises in mould design, production, and technical polymer injection moulding. We are a SME that follows every step required to create an item, from the design and prototyping phase up to the finished product.
What makes us special is the fact that we take care of our clients from the idea of the project, offering possible alternative solutions (in particular, when it comes to the most technical plastic polymers on the market) and we advise them on the best technical and cost saving choices to meet their requirements. Our team follows every idea from the design phase to the construction of the mould, up to the sampling and creation at the moulding department. If necessary, we assemble and pack the various components to deliver a product ready to be launched on the market.

Our passion since 1986

Our philosophy, your guarantees

Your mould guaranteed for life

We guarantee our moulds for life without any additional costs. We repair any fault that requires routine maintenance at our mould construction workshop free of charge to ensure a constantly functional mould.

Well begun is half done: the co-design service

This philosophy helps us guarantee our products for life. Based on your idea, we provide a co-design service, helping you design both the item and mould. Together we will meet your requirements, providing the technical guidance to help you choose the best solution possible. A careful design that takes all the pros and cons into account allows us to create an excellent mould in close collaboration with our technical department. We don’t like quick fixes. Goals can be reached in different ways but we aim at following the best one possible.

Put your idea in our hands, and we will put the finished product in yours

We are your one-stop shop at no additional costs. From design to the construction of the mould, and injection moulding using the plastics you choose. We follow every step of the product and, upon request, even the surface finish (tumbling, shot peening, etc.), assembly, and packaging.

Nylon and much more

The world keeps evolving and we evolve with it Plastic is not just nylon. Our production ranges from nylon to new plastic materials or technical polymers, whose features allow us to meet industry and product requirements. We have gained extensive experience in reinforced engineering plastics from glass fibre to carbon fibre, etc.
Visit our materials section to learn more about the plastic we use.

We get involved in first person

Forget about waiting on hold for customer service. Our team will provide you with all the support you need.

How it all began

Back in 1986, two industrial technicians decided to collaborate and join their expertise in plastic material moulding and mould production. Crea started off in a basement with a lathe and a small injection press.

A few years later, ′the larger amount of work pushed the owners to move to an industrial building and purchase a machining centre for the construction of moulds, and other two presses for injection moulding.

But this was not meant to be the final stop, as the application of technological innovations, and clients’ growing trust led them to double the working surface, as well as the number of machines, and human resources. Believing in the importance of having an in-house technical department, in 1998 they hired specialised technicians to design moulds for injection moulding.

In 2000, Crea purchased their own plant and they has about thirty employees between the injection moulding department, with seventeen injection moulding machines, and the mechanical workshop, with four CNC Machining centers, electrical discharge machines, and whatever required for the construction of injection moulds.

In 2005, they started working on their quality system, obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2012. In 2006, they started collecting the production data to integrate them in the management system.

Another milestone was reached in 2012 when they started using the software they developed internally. This software is still used to trace moulds, collect maintenance data, and record mould use history.

The latest step to improve the quality of the moulds manufactured in their workshop was taken in 2015 when they purchased the 5-axis CNC Machining center.

In 2017, in order to better meet the demands of our customers, an injection machine with a missing tonnage is introduced in the molding department: a press with 400 tons is purchased.

in 2018, the quality management system has been certified by DNV according to the ISO 9001:2015.

Look to the future

In 2018, we made a few changes, such as hiring new personnel and adding 1000 square meters to our plant and a new office area.

In the course of 2019-2020, we used this 1000 sq.m to carry out the activities that follow the moulding stage, such as assembly, finishing, inspection, sorting and shipment preparation. Moreover, we created a new finished product storage area.

In the meantime, we never stopped doing research on new materials, always pursuing environmental sustainability. And BIOPOLYMERS are the result.