Victrex® Peek
ISO 9001 DNV GL Certification Mark

Victrex® Peek


Peek is one of the world’s highest performing thermoplastic polymers.

Peek (polyetheretherketone; Victrex® Peek is the trade name) is a semi-crystalline polymer with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance also at high temperatures (melting point at +365° C).


Victrex® Peek is also available with the addition of carbon and glass fibres, PTFE, and graphite, i.e. structural reinforcements to enhance its characteristics and resistance properties.

Benefits of VICTREX® PEEK:

  • excellent thermal resistance;
  • high elastic modulus;
  • hydrolysis resistant with low humidity absorption power;
  • high resistance to abrasion and wear without lubrication;
  • excellent chemical resistance to different agents and insoluble to all major solvents (acids, oils, salts);
  • physiologically inert;
  • totally recyclable;
  • low gas and smoke emissions as intrinsically self-extinguishing;
  • electric performance;
  • mechanical resistance and dimensional stability also at high temperature and in difficult contexts;
  • 70% lighter than metals and easier to transform, but with characteristics similar to aluminium and titanium.


It is used in different industries, especially for extreme requirements:

Aeronautics and aerospace;
Automotive industry;
Industry, engineering applications, etc;

Suitable for Metal Replacement

In addition to weight reduction compared to metals, it provides better performance and greater design freedom. It is usually used to replace metals, such as aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel.